Anubavam offers a reliable high-performance technology platform to support tour and travel services including designing tour itineraries, Leisure and group travel planning, Car hire, Meet and greet services, Door-to-door transfers, Chauffeured services and more. There are various attractive features for travel agents to set up commission, fee calculation, instant notifications, online payments, reports, video tutorials and social sharing.

Anubavam offers a comprehensive travel solution for agents under a single technology platform. The range of services includes online booking of meet-and-greet, transfers, and chauffeured services via travel agents to suit the travel needs of individuals and groups. The online booking gives the ability to drive the agents to fulfil the client’s need to provide on-ground requirements for individual and groups travelling for leisure travel. The key objectives are:

  • Leisure and group travel
  • Car hire
  • Meet and greet services
  • Door-to-door transfers
  • Chauffeured services

This is aimed to deliver a more agreeable reception area experience to their clientele. The travel solution provides the following features:

Account Management:

Registered agents, networks, headquarters, and agencies can access online travel booking around the clock for individuals and groups.

Types of Services:

The travel agent is provided with the option to select the type of services offered, meet-and-greet, transfers, and chauffeured services for the clients.


Anubavam’s website solution for transfer services enables travel agents to provide the itinerary with the right transportation to clients. The travel agents can choose a variety of meeting points to pick up and drop them off to suit the needs of individuals and groups.

Chauffeured Services:

There's a variety of high quality options, the chauffeured services allows agents to choose a scenic journey through various destinations in Paris, and around Riviera or Provence.

Meet-and-Greet Services:

Online 24/7 booking of meet-and-greet services ensures the clients are received at the meeting points on arrival and escorted in the most hassle-free way to experience various travel destinations.

Set your commission: Agents can choose their percentage of commission for bookings.
Calculation of Fees: The system automatically calculates appropriate commission to agents due for booking and client invoice.
Email Support: Immediate email confirmation to passengers on booking along with travel documents and invoice.
Payments: Integrated online payment system for remitting travel fees
Reports: Generate reports based on details of bookings of clients and commissions due for agents.
Training Tutorials: The video tutorials from the professional, experienced service team provides a demonstration of the process and using workflows to show contracted agents how the booking is completed.
Social Media: Integration of Decouvertes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube


  • Deploying an end-to-end system for meet-and-greet services has helped to radically streamline the booking processes and, as a direct result, enhanced the services offered to customers.
  • Provided a single travel platform deployed to a number of travel agents providing tailored customer service
  • No waiting time, paperwork, or queues
  • Saves countless hours and money for the company
  • Marked increase in workflow automation
  • Superior customer service and improved operational efficiency
  • Increased business insight