Anubavam offers a reliable high-performance technology platform for travel services which enables multiple users to design itineraries and make reservations for drivers. Driver management application enable registered agents to access online booking, manage accounts, maps, calendar, shopping cart, photographs, email, and more.

This is a reliable high-performance technology platform for travel services which enables multiple users to make reservations for clients. The Driver Management System connects a number of travel suppliers including networks, headquarters, travel agencies, and travel agents. All registered agents can access online booking around the clock, account management, maps, calendar, shopping cart, photographs, email, training tutorial video for agents, price information, and support documentation. Driver Management System has a number of features including:

Account Management
Registered agents, networks, headquarters, and agencies can access online travel booking round the clock for any number of individuals and groups.

Online Booking
Travel buyers are provided with the option to select the type of services offered for the clients. The website provides real-time availability of driver guides and cars for clients using a 5-step booking process.

Choose Destination
There's a variety of high quality options, which allows agents to select various regions for sightseeing tours of clients including the option to choose Half-day/Full-day/Walking tour.

Create Itinerary
Our website solution for chauffeured services enables travel agents to provide the itinerary with the right transportation to clients. The travel agents can choose the type of guide, language, date of departure & arrival in France.

Choose Guide
Travel agents can select the guide to accompany the clients during the tour with the flexibility to choose language preferred by clients.

Choose Car
Agents can select vehicles from the world’s best brands supplied by the company for transporting clients.

Online Shopping Cart
The website is integrated with a secure shopping cart which allows agents to instantly book through the itinerary of clients using bank cards/direct credit and complete the order.

Set Commission
Agents can choose their percentage of commission for bookings.

Get a Quote
Agents can provide quotes to clients for the selection of itinerary, guide, and vehicle.

Calculation of Fees
The system automatically calculates appropriate commission to agents due for booking and client invoice.

Email Support
Immediate email confirmation to passengers on booking along with travel documents and invoice.

Generate reports based on details of bookings of clients and commissions due for agents.

Training Tutorials
The video tutorials from the professional, experienced service team provides a demonstration of the process and using workflows to show contracted agents how the booking is done.

Social Media
Integration of Decouvertes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Mobile App
The Driver Guide app for iPhone and Android allows guides to access bookings on the go. Driver guides can create their agenda. Guides can receive booking updates and the required guide documents via push notifications from agents. They can accept and add bookings to their agenda, which is synchronized to their calendar. All bookings and pending bookings can be viewed in the calendar.