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  • Tours and Travel solution
  • Tours and Travel solution
  • Tours and Travel solution
  • Tours and Travel solution
  • Tours and Travel solution

Anubavam provided a Tours and Travel solution to Bertrand Collignon. Driver Guide mobile application communicates the Guide agendas as per the Driver-Guide bookings. Guides receive notification for their agenda as per the booking done.Guides can block their calendar dates by adding their own agenda as per their availability, so they won’t receive Decouvertes agenda or notification on those days.The notifications consists of Travel document and Guide document.

Key features:

  • Driver Guide app for iPhone and Android
  • Access bookings
  • Agenda creation
  • Receive booking updates and the required guide documents
  • Push notifications from agents
  • Accept or reject bookings
  • Add bookings to agenda
  • View calendar for bookings and pending bookings


  • Single travel platform deployed to a number of travel agents providing tailored customer service
  • Fully integrated booking and back-office system
  • Greater trust and wider reach through integrated website and mobile app translated to increased bookings
  • Agents, driver guides and destinations aggregated via single selling solution
  • Attract large number of  travellers
  • Increased revenue
  • Promote customer loyalty and encourage repeat bookings
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