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Technology has progressed at an exponential rate and has dramatically transformed virtually every industry, including restaurant, travel, healthcare, retail, insurance, real estate and more. Today’s business environment is rapidly changing, not the gradual progress that we experience in the physical world. The new disruptive semantic technologies including cloud, mobile, and big data analytics has revolutionized business and brings innovation in remarkable ways.

1. Automate & Schedule Tasks

Don’t waste your precious time with time-consuming and repetitive tasks. With automated workflows, you go about planning, creating and tracking the progress of tasks, instead of cumbersome paperwork or sending emails.

2. Cloud Data Management

Cloud is a cost-effective, customizable, and scalable platform to manage data in real-time across web and mobile devices. Integrate your business processes across SaaS-based application and on-premises. Now every business can use it to share information and collaborate on projects to improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

3. Big Data Analytics

Big data provides a huge advantage to business. Organizations are gearing up for the data deluge and realigning their strategies to suit their needs. Riding on the high adoption of mobility, companies are harnessing the power of data through cloud-based applications for real-time decision-making.

4. Mobile Web Notification

Do you need to send out frequent emails or reminders to your team? Automatically schedule tasks at any interval you like and send out automated emails with attachments, SMS alerts and push notifications on mobile devices.

5. Digital & Social Experience

Digital and Social are high priorities for business. With the digital surge, businesses are looking for opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity and usability in the workplace.    Distribute content with your connected workforce through blogs, image gallery, webinars, podcasts, etc. right inside the digital content management system. Let your customers and employees interact with you and extend the conversation on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to improve your visibility and promote your brand.

Everywhere you look, efficiency is automated and transformed leveraging the power of cloud, mobile, analytics and digital technologies. This is the essence of the new semantic economy. The fully automated age transforms the way we interact with each other, as the information content in products and services increase exponentially. To increase the productivity to the next level, Anubavam delivers engaging web and mobile experiences that drive business growth. Anubavam is an innovator and co-creator of innovative solutions using cutting-edge technological expertise in web development, CMS development, mobility, and cross platform development.

Drupal is slowly edging its way into the mobile landscape, now factoring into the market share by accounting for 2.1% of all websites worldwide. You can easily create high speed mobile apps using Drupal as a backend, with its ability to seamlessly interact with the live website. Along the way, Drupal development has taken center stage as the preferred eCommerce solution that enable end users to create feature-rich online store.
Druapl is one of the most popular CMS platform in the world today. There are over 1 million active sites of Drupal, with the most commonly used application of it being for corporations, media, governments,  non-profits, schools and individuals. 
Get your Drupal site for mobile and make your business more productive by utilizing these 10 killer advantages to drive success:
1. Super-fast & Easy to Use
One of the biggest advantages of Drupal was the lightning speed and ease of use to develop mobile apps using Drupal as a backend. 
2. Shorter Learning Curve
With a shorter learning curve, you can create stunning and native looking Drupal mobile apps quickly on smartphones and tablet devices. There is a minimal technical know-how if you’re familiar with Drupal. 
3. High performance & Scalability
Drupal websites are configured for high performance and scalability which enable your servers to handle pages with massive traffic surges very quickly across multiple locations, while using as few resources as possible. 
4. Offline/Online Synchronization 
Access your Drupal website from anywhere, anytime. Mobile app provides offline storage with the ability to connect to Drupal and pull all the information together. 
5. Location Awareness 
The app is designed to help field workers when they are travelling to a different region and displays the current location of the user using Google Maps, update their status, jobs and track time. Drupal provides you a lot of flexibility not only to capture the location of a place, but also provides various options to display that location to users.
6. Rapid Development
Create native mobile apps for iOS and Android using Drupal as a backend. Choose the mobile platforms you want to target and leverage the device-specific features using cross platform mobile development tools such as Appcelerator Titanium and Phonegap.
7. Coexistence of Native & Web 
Mobile apps and your live Drupal website will coexist. They run on the same database. Website and mobile apps are used heavily by users. The traffic for the web continues to grow exponentially. 
8. Platform Agnostic
Create mobile apps to run on multiple operating systems and mobile platforms including iPhone and Android using a single codebase. Using Drupal platform for your mobile and web applications make it simpler to update content in one place. 
9. Third Party Integration 
Drupal is a powerful CMS which allows you to seamlessly connect with third party services and devices to achieve a common look and feel, while maintaining data integrity and security. 
10. Quicker Time to Market
Build your high speed native mobile app with Drupal and distribute through Google Play or App Store. Monetize your mobile app with in-app purchases and advertising.
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