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Availability of data at all times is critical for business productivity. Managing servers is tedious and costly. How to optimize your resources, at the same time keep focused on your core competencies? Server Management and Maintenance services including server monitoring, upgrades, security fixes, quality support and patching can safeguard your IT infrastructure efficiently from security attacks, eliminate problems, reduce downtime, and optimize your servers to maximize performance.

Here are the ten reasons to use server management and maintenance services to give you a competitive advantage:
1. Old servers, outdated data & traditional technologies
Complications arise with old servers, non-functional data and traditional technologies. What is better for your server management? Sophisticated server management technology and automated tool promotes higher efficiencies, eliminates loss of data and accelerates server performance. 
2. Current IT support can’t meet the demand
Your current IT support is not fast enough to keep up with the demands of maintaining your server for critical patch updates to ensure compatibility, as they are an easy target for hackers to exploit the security breaches which compromise your system.
3. Application performance issues
If you encounter frequent server performance issues and stability issues, then it will affect the life and functionality of your server. The best way is to prevent performance issues and ensure stability is to outsource server maintenance.
4. Unexpected outages result in loss of productivity & revenue
Did you experience unexpected outages or failures for the server? Has the server still capacity left or is the load nearing its limits? It is essential to be notified promptly with issues thorough automated notifications in real time to ensure your server is functioning normally.  
5. Not supporting current & future needs
If your servers can’t support your current needs with high request loads and don’t have long-term goals, it is time to plan ahead with server maintenance services and ensure your server is highly scalable and flexible to meet your business needs.
6. Need to incur huge maintenance costs
When your IT systems are not maintained regularly, and an issue suddenly occur, could be hit with huge maintenance bill. You can replace that headache by hiring professional server maintenance and support to protect your bottom line.
7. Not having a schedule for server maintenance
Having a proper schedule and routine for your server maintenance can run your entire operation smoothly, and save you from numerous headaches.
8. Not doing enough to protect data
Your organization is still not doing enough to protect your data. Native security tools are not reliable. Enterprises should be proactive enough to prepare an IT infrastructure roadmap in the best interests of the organization to assess your data security.
9. High risk exposure
Vulnerable servers and data leakage could be discovered and exploited by outsiders through virus, malware, spams and spyware. Minimize your risk of cyber attacks with comprehensive server support, which will analyze, prioritize, and mitigate risks.  
10. Not addressing regulatory compliance requirements
The problem is your organization is unable to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Implementing server audit program will ensure maintenance and management of your server security. 
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