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Anubavam provides integrated library management solution that supports the library-wide operations including acquisition, selection, cataloging, circulation, data management, reporting, and mobility. The library automation solution enables users to access all library materials, regardless of their category or location. The next-generation library management system offers significant benefits:

Track and manage purchase orders, update catalog, and send borrower notifications. Monitor budgets, reconcile invoices and approve payments to suppliers. Master file management and suggestion management for users.

Customized search for library collections including course catalogs, books, digital media, publications, etc., and obtain up-to-date records.

View the books borrowed, place the books on hold, request or renew books, renew membership, and create in-depth patron reports. Get information on book availability.

Library Locator
Manage library across multiple offices and locations with a common system and processes and improve global efficiencies.

Dynamic Reporting
Customized reports in multiple and various formats and track key performance indicators of the library for reliable decision-making.

Mobile Library
Circulate from anywhere. Use the library mobile solution to manage all notification processes through automatic alerts, notices and defaults.

Library Circulation
Manage library borrowing and lending and view overdue list. This allows you to verify the book stock.

Library Administrator
Manage all the author list, donor list and library settings. Invoice processing, library issues and also keep a tab on payment, renewals and remainders.


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