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Apple's biggest annual event, WWDC 2017, with the company unveiling the latest versions of iOS, macOS, and watchOS platforms and also announced the launch of a connected home speaker device called HomePod and a new iPad Pro tablet. 

Here are the six best announcements from the keynote.

1. iOS 11

iOS 11 introduces many new features and improvements, including  iMessage going live in the iCloud, Apple Pay with support for person-to-person payments, improvements in Siri, multitasking and more. Apple has also introduced a new ARKit, which lets iPhone app developers create high-end augmented reality applications for iOS.

2. macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra is Apple's latest update to its Mac operating system which focuses on under-the-hood improvements, with updates to Safari, new photo-editing tools, updated file management system, second version of Metal in the graphics end and wide support for VR development.

3. watchOS 4

watchOS 4 brings new watch faces, fitness activity updates with NFC-enabled data sharing, new tools for developers, and more.

4. New iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro

At WWDC 2017, Apple introduced it's iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro models, adding Kaby Lake processors, quicker SSD options, Fusion Drive standard in the iMac, improved graphics, and a more powerful memory options. The company also added a new, faster Broadwell processor for MacBook Air model, and announced a pro-level machine, iMac Pro, which will ship in December.

5. iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro was announced by Apple at WWDC with a new 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch size models. The new models feature ProMotion display technology which doubles the screen refresh rate up to 120Hz with better colour reproduction.

6. HomePod

HomePod is an upcoming smart Siri speaker with better sound quality that will give Amazon Echo and Google Home a run for their money. The HomePod uses spatial awareness to improve the ambience in the room by adapting to the sound to the room it's in, and also has a "Musicologist" feature to play streaming music with the built-in Siri speaker. The HomePod comes in black and white colour, and will integrate Siri.

There were also a few accessories introduced, like new watch bands, a new Wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keyboard, and new iPad cases.

Google Assistant was the star of Google I/O 2017,where news on all aspects of the Android ecosystem was presented in the annual developers conference. Google's AI pulls a bunch of tricks by adding smarter features, which means it will have a face-off with Apple’s Siri.

Get help from Google Assistant

Get answers to all your questions on your phone. Ask anything and Google Assistant is ready to help you do things for you.

Google Assistant on Android phones

The Google Assistant comes on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones, that long press will launch Google Assistant, popping up with a page asking how it can help,

Getting started

Just get started by saying "Ok Google" or press-and-hold the home button. That's the starting point for Google Assistant, after which you can type or speak questions and have Assistant respond.

Smart suggestions

You can do more with Google Assistant.  It offers a better voice recognition system than Siri and a smart reply feature what Google calls "appropriate, contextually aware smart suggestions for quick replies" with several options available for personalized responses. You can just type your queries to accomplish your task without your voice. . This works great when you don't want to sound naive talking on your phone.

Voice translation

Another great feature those of you who are constantly on the move will love to get their words or sentences translated using the digital assistant. Just tap the Google Lens icon, point the camera at the text, and task will be accomplished in a jiffy!

Music recognition

Google Assistant is out to improve the quality of your life. One of the great ones is music recognition service and recommendations based on the content. For example, when you play music and it'll tell you the band, lyrics and information about it.

Shopping list

Another major feature is the shopping feature. You get the option shopping via Assistant. You can view the list, browse item options, and then checkout and make payment without leaving the app.

iOS support

Millions of iPhone app developers and users have something to cheer about the innovative voice-based interactions. Google's Digital Assistant is available on iPhone and you can access it from a shortcut widget on your notification center.  You can make queries and accomplish all your daily tasks easily. The Assistant will be available for more devices in the future and positioned as Google's powerful and personal primary information source on-demand.

People are stressed out, scared and seeking information during natural disasters. Disaster assistance teams are well prepared to ensure the safety of families. Rescue and recovery measures are just not enough to fight hurricane and tornadoes which cause extensive damages to the infrastructure. It’s hard for people all over the world to kick back and enjoy the summer without thinking about what might go wrong this year. If you have a widespread disaster such as earthquake, fire, accident, flood or other event that affects large number of people across several states as well as those that just damaged your home or caused financial hardship, mobile app is here to help.

Most of the densely populated cities all over the world have a high level of insurance exposure. These events resulted in the death of people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted. The good news is cutting-edge mobile technology have not only made it easier for us to track and survive natural disasters, but salvage our property as well. Smartphone is not only a “lifesaver”, but the current crop of insurance-related apps can actually settle your claims as well. Insurance solutions can easily and quickly manage key claims processes and reduce claim costs significantly. Insurance app is designed to automate and digitize core claims processes in order to widen its reach and increase customer satisfaction.

An example of natural disaster happened in 2013 St. Jude Storm. The hurricane blasted Europe with wind speed of 120.8 mph (194.4 km/h) on 28th October, 2013. It devastated Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark resulting in several deaths and causing extensive damages to the infrastructure. These densely populated regions of Europe have a high level of insurance exposure. The insurance industry would have incurred costs of £370 million, according to a data from the Association of British Insurers.

A leading insurance claims management company based in Copenhagen turned to Anubavam to devise a mobile solution for natural disasters, which was certainly a challenge to the company. Anubavam identified the need to modernize its existing mobile app development process and create an app which could maximize the sharing of information among insurance assessors and craftsmen for processing claims. As a result, the insurance app was successfully used during the St.Jude storm to manage the insurance claim process. Using the in-built camera within the mobile app, all-in-all 100,000 photos were taken and 30,000 photos during cyclone were taken by assessors and craftsmen for processing claims from the scene of the incident to estimate lost or damaged items and attach it to the report. During the calamity, 2000 users downloaded the mobile app and got their insured claims settled easily. Now, the app has more than 5000 downloads. The key features of the app includes pencil-drawing sketch on photos, image editing tools, unique URL to web application and video editing. Mobile app solutions enables users to access content offline with the option to automatically sync your files when you have network connectivity. The insurance app is a perfect tool for handling major disasters with the simple and user-friendly claims management solution. Here are some of the important features of the insurance claim handling app:


  • Separate login for insurance handler and claimant
  • Login & edit details of the claim
  • View assignment of tasks 
  • Take pictures with camera and/or from archive in phone
  • View reports created by agents, craftsmen and other participants
  • View settlement overview
  • View participants on the claim
  • Send messages and call participants
  • Search claim address using Google Map
  • Offline storage
  • Video trimming while uploading the video of damaged property 

Once you’ve got your mobile app, you may actually be able to safeguard your home and property during emergency and non-emergency situations with the tools and instant alerts to keep you well prepared until the big one hits.

Apple iOS Swift has just released Swift 1.2 with the beta version of Xcode 6.3, which is aimed to deliver better experience to developers. The Swift 1.2 release update brings new features and significant improvements.

Apple unveiled the latest Swift programming language along with Xcode 6.0 at WWDC 2014. Swift is a modern script for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch used by Swift iOS developers to build iOS apps. The new Swift provides better interaction with Objective-C to compile to native code.

The latest Swift 1.2 compiler features incremental builds, high performance, enhanced build times, diagnostics and stability to optimize iOS Swift development.

Xcode 6.3 provides a tool which allows developers to seamlessly migrate to Swift 1.2.

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