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Drupal 7 users usually struggle to set up an effective system of moving to live sites. If you change any settings on a development  site, it is very difficult those settings to move live. Drupal 8 new configuration system is set to resolve all these issues Drupal developer is facing.

Drupal 8 provides new ways to tailor and deploy content that looks great on any mobile device. However when you work with Drupal, there is always something is there in Drupal 8 for you to love.

Code driven development in Drupal 8

Drupal 6: Features module is used export configuration to PHP code.
Drupal 7: Features modules brings more functionalities, but relying on third parties and it is incomplete.
Drupal 8: Content and configuration are being separated and configuration is text-based.

Drupal 8 Configuration Management System
In Drupal 8 new configuration system it is easy to get a copy of the development site with the changes and import those changes into the live sites.

There are two types of configuration in Drupal 8:

  1. Simple configuration
  2. Configuration entities

Simple Configuration

Simple configuration will store the basic configurations such as integers, boolean values or texts. Simple configuration has one version, and similar to using variable_set()  and variable_get() in Drupal 7.

Configuration Entities

Configuration entities including content types will enable the creation of zero or more complex. Examples of configuration entities contains content types, views and image styles.

Configuration can override in settings.php as in drupal 7. These overridden $config variables has high priority than values provided by modules. It is a good method for storing sensitive data.

The configuration system implements Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigFactory::get() to override $config variables.

How Configuration Management Works?

Configuration files are found inside the /config/install/ directory. These files will be created when a module is first installed and will not be used on module update.

After installing Drupal 8, two random named directories will be created in the public files folder. Generally that will mean the directory for sync files is in /sites/default/files/  and can change this location by an instruction.


An active directory is to keep currently active configuration. Active configuration will be stored in the database and done by the way for performance and some security reasons. Also it can push the configuration storage to use the file system using Configuration Tools module.

The staging directory is the place from where the configuration is synchronized/imported and it is empty until the configuration will be exported/imported.

Drupal 8 UI For Configuration management  
Configuration > Configuration synchronization.

Synchronize: Synchronize the changes from a file that you have imported.
Import: This allows you to import sync changes from the other sites.     

User interface settings for Configuration Management are very easy, but still have significant limitations such as:

  • Can't select multiple component at once and can't select a content type as well as multiple fields.  
  • Single features can't be exported into a file and can copy-and-paste the details.

Features module can be used for more advanced configuration management system. Import configuration settings can't be done until both the exporting and importing sites should have exactly the same UUID.

Drush Configuration Management
Drush is a wonderful shell interface to manage Drupal cloud server command line. It is a very useful tool to perform various tasks using a single or few commands, and to avoid many clicks and page refreshes in the UI.

Drush config commands used In Drush 8
drush config-export - exports the configuration to your sync directory.Current contents of your export directory (called "sync" by default) will be deleted.
Config-export - Export the configuration to a directory.


In the cloud, mobile and digital era, finding the right platform to publish and share content is critical. Making the decision around the right web platform and web content publishing technology is significant. Getting started with the right system will improve your web presence and brand.

Drupal is a reliable and secure content management framework supported by an active community of 1 million members and 31000 Drupal developers.

What makes Drupal so special?

Drupal is powered by best-of-the-breed technologies which makes Drupal highly customizable and scalable. Drupal is free and open source and supported by 30000 free plug-in and modules which extends its core capabilities. Drupal is easier to build and use with multiple languages and provides support for 110 international languages. Drupal provides innovative and intuitive mobile experience across multiple mobile platforms leveraging special mobile-friendly themes.

How Drupal is going to make a difference for your business

Anubavam is a full service Drupal development company that offers a variety of services with quality, high performance, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. As committed users of Drupal since 2005, and now serving our clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our team realized that many website owners have long been frustrated with the difficulty of finding affordable and reliable Drupal service. Our unique value proposition is delivered to customers with a combination of highly skilled workforce, Drupal platform expertise, best practices in Agile development and scrum methodology, and flexible engagement model. Here are five great ideas to make your site efficient with Drupal development services.

1. On-demand Drupal development

Anubavam allows website owners to have high quality Drupal development services available on demand for different industries. We can build powerful applications using custom modules and themes to benefit the end-users. We have designed multi-user system which has dramatically enhanced security and access control of the database.

2. Drupal Migration

Anubavam is a leading provider of Drupal migration service with huge experience in successfully migrating to Drupal CMS for a wide range of projects, ranging from simple blog to highly complicated database. Our team of Drupal professionals has expertise in migrating data from the legacy website and rebuilt a robust, high-speed, SEO-friendly interactive solution using the Drupal platform.

3. Mobile-first

Mobile app and website is now the way of life. Taking advantage of mobile-friendly responsive themes in Drupal, we have optimized websites for multiple operating systems and multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and others.

4. SEO-friendly

We have provided effective SEO strategies to drive sales and improve rankings in search engines by implementing microdata and rich snippets.

5. Third party integration

We offer integration with third party applications including payment gateway, social media, Google Maps, Google Analytics, etc. to transform your website and augment your capabilities.

Our combined strengths in Drupal development services could solve problems of website owners, and doing so would not only be great business, but also would benefit Drupal CMS.


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