Customer Experience:
Create retail mobile apps to manage stores and digital content, enhance customer service, and increase brand loyalty through targeted rewards and alerts.
Browse Products:
Search for richer, more relevant product catalogues in the retail app with quicker checkouts for convenient shopping experience. Customers can also do quality/price comparisons and rate/review products.
Locate Stores:
Find customers’ location easily using location-based services, drive shoppers to store and create an additional channel for sales.
Allows customers to check in-store availability and order status on the go. When orders are placed for manufactured products, employees can receive real-time requests for delivery.
Deals & Coupons:
The app will provide not only product information but also serve discount coupons for weekly and daily deals. The app will also alert personalized offers for customers.
Bar Code Scanner:
Allows a shopper to scan bar code on a product box, get more information, and make an informed buying decision.
Integrate social media by allowing customers to share their shopping experience with friends. When they find some awesome deals, the shopper is likely to chat, comment, alert, and recommend to friends.
The integrated analytics feature enables retailers to analyze customer behavior in order to understand how best to serve each customer personally.