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Our robust booking engine has given Decouvertes an easy, functional luxury tour booking system for travel agents across  Europe with a hassle-free guided tours. Anubavam designed and fully automated the tour operations in Drupal CMS platform. This is a reliable high-performance technology platform for travel services to the advisors, travel agents and their networks.

Key features:

  • Agent and Advisor login
  • Advanced search
  • Reports
  • Resources
  • Email Notifications
  • Itinerary
  • Business Sheet
  • Booking Management
  • Budget Planning


Dashboard reports
Advisors can view real-time status reports on travel itinerary, requests, quote, and budget.

Advanced search
Advisor can search and filter status by, new/pending/completed requests, booking number, agent name, and agency name

Account Management
Advisors add/remove registered agencies and process online travel requests around the clock.

Manage requests
Administrators can provide role-based permissions to agencies to add or remove travel requests or agencies.

Document Management
Upload documents including files, images, text, etc. on the collection of  french destinations.

Manage Itinerary
Travel agents can enter the tour itinerary and map the clients to the travel destinations.

Track and manage payments to  agencies and networks on travel services to plan and allocate funds for travel programs to various destination.

Send automatic email notifications to agents on confirmation of bookings & tour itinerary.

Custom travel rules
The dashboard is customized to fit Decouvertes’ compliance travel rules.

  • Digital solutions to transform brands
  • Develop solutions across a variety of traditional and new media formats and platforms.


  • 200+ web pages
  • Cross browser compatible & pixel-perfect
  • 7 custom modules
  • High security online applications
  • Faster, more efficient, website experience for users

Technologies:  Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL

Trinco, LLC (Trinco) provides Construction engineering and information technology services with significant experience in the private sector, government organizations and information technology systems and projects. Anubavam helped Trinco to redesign their website using cutting-edge responsive Drupal 7 theme to optimize user experience across a wide range of mobile and tablet devices. Anubavam performed full migration of content into the new content management system. Unique features include visual and user-friendly interface, multiple column layouts, sliders, mega-menus, maps, forms, and more.


Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL


Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

Maple Lane Wood Working is a high quality interior and outdoor website which has a large collection of solid furniture and kitchenware. Located in Wisconscin, the site offers consumers aesthetically crafted solid wood furniture. Consumers can shop for doors, kitchen, living rooms and cupboards made by the passionate woodworkers and artists. The woodworks collection has basically everything you need to make your home or office look and feel luxurious.


Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL

Anubavam provided a Tours and Travel solution to Bertrand Collignon. Driver Guide mobile application communicates the Guide agendas as per the Driver-Guide bookings. Guides receive notification for their agenda as per the booking done.Guides can block their calendar dates by adding their own agenda as per their availability, so they won’t receive Decouvertes agenda or notification on those days.The notifications consists of Travel document and Guide document.

Key features:

  • Driver Guide app for iPhone and Android
  • Access bookings
  • Agenda creation
  • Receive booking updates and the required guide documents
  • Push notifications from agents
  • Accept or reject bookings
  • Add bookings to agenda
  • View calendar for bookings and pending bookings


  • Single travel platform deployed to a number of travel agents providing tailored customer service
  • Fully integrated booking and back-office system
  • Greater trust and wider reach through integrated website and mobile app translated to increased bookings
  • Agents, driver guides and destinations aggregated via single selling solution
  • Attract large number of  travellers
  • Increased revenue
  • Promote customer loyalty and encourage repeat bookings

Another niche market the private cab booking system presented us with another exciting challenge. Anubavam provided a complete travel solution where users can book and pay for their cab service.

The private cab booking system for users is based on their luxury needs and size of bookings. This excellent airport transfer services website allows travel agents to book deluxe Transfers, Meet & Greet and all Chauffeured services that ensures arrival of clients in Paris, French Riviera and Provence is smooth and efficient with this service.


Account Management
Registered agents, networks, headquarters, and agencies can access online travel booking around the clock for individuals and groups.

Types of Services
The travel agent is provided with the option to select the type of services offered, meet-and-greet, transfers, and chauffeured services for the clients.

Anubavam’s website solution for transfer services enables travel agents to provide the itinerary with the right transportation to clients.  The travel agents can choose a variety of meeting points to pick up and drop them off to suit the needs of individuals and groups.

Chauffeured Services
There's a variety of high quality options, the chauffeured services allows agents to choose a scenic journey through various destinations in Paris, and around Riviera or Provence.  

Meet-and-Greet Services
Online 24/7 booking of meet-and-greet services ensures the clients are received at the meeting points on arrival and escorted in the most hassle-free way to experience French destinations including Paris, Riviera and Provence.

Set your commission: Agents can choose their percentage of commission (from 0-100%) for bookings.
Calculation of Fees: The system automatically calculates appropriate commission to agents due for booking and client invoice.
Email Support: Immediate email confirmation to passengers on booking along with travel documents and invoice.
Payments: Integrated Paybox for making online payment of travel fees
Reports: Generate reports based on details of bookings of clients and commissions due for agents.
Training Tutorials: The video tutorials from the professional, experienced service team provides a demonstration of the process and using workflows to show contracted agents how the booking is completed.
Social Media: Integration of Decouvertes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube

Y&L Consulting, is a provider of the highest caliber local and international IT professionals, positioned to help you maximize profitability and growth. YL Consulting required a Drupal website to reflect their broad range of capabilities and expertise in providing IT solutions to global organizations by offering a broad range of capabilities and expertise in most major technologies to medium and large enterprises. Y&L Consulting also designs and develops enterprise-wide applications enabling clients to control costs, enhance efficiencies and increase profits.

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom Drupal CMS platform
  • Extensive content
  • Interactive user experience
  • Independent, in-depth information on IT solutions
  • Agile-scrum methodology
  • Attract target users for increased business growth
  • Increase business development opportunities
  • Expansion to vertical markets
  • Increase partnerships & alliances
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