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Another niche market in higher education presented us with another exciting challenge. Through the creation of customizable and scalable higher education management solution, we have been able to to empower students, faculty & staff in colleges, universities and other institutions.

Key features:

  • Student Admission Management

Custom forms, online exam, workflows, application evaluation, payments, student CRM.

  • Academic & Course Management

Classroom scheduling, curriculum mind mapping, lesson plans, outcome-based assessments, grades,  transcripts, LMS, mobile app

  • Faculty Management

Profiles, workload management, performance appraisal, communication tools, records management

  • Faculty & Course Evaluation

Forms, surveys, ratings, assessments, performance-based reports

  • Finance Management

Fee invoicing & billing, integrations, reports

  • Attendance & Leave Management

RFID/Biometric based attendance, absence alerts, leave management, reports

  • Library Management

Cataloging, membership management, communication tools, barcoding, automatic reminders

  • Talent & HR Management

Recruitment, payroll, performance, attendance, communication, ticketing, surveys, elearning

  • Project & Task Management

Creation of mission, vision & goals, tasks, checklist, reminders, dashboards & reports

  • Mobile App

Attendance & leave, Student & Staff directory, timetable, fees, notifications & messaging, assessment, grades, discipline tracking, library

  • Event Scheduling

Meetings, events, schedules & calendar for users & groups

  • Document Management

Advanced search, workflows, access control, digital signature

  • Advanced Security

SAS-70 audited hosting, advanced hardware & network, secured content storage

  • Notifications

Social wall, messaging, emails, push notifications, SMS, alerts, reminders

  • Content Migration

Migration engine, third party sync, database migration

  • Third party integration

LMS, Payments, Accounting, CRM, Social Media, Dropbox, Google apps, etc.

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