We have researched on the various needs on the best customer loyalty programs and have created innovative, interactive software which enables consumers and businesses to leverage revolutionary mobile technology across different domain segments.  
Retail loyalty program allows retailers to target the best in class customers with rewards, discounts, incentives and specials on their mobile phones using the latest POS technology. This enables shoppers to eliminate long lines and reduce long waits resulting in lost sales.
Travel, Entertainment, Aviation, Leisure:
TEAL is comprised of airports, hotels, restaurant, clubs, bars, fly rewards program, spas, and many more. Our technology solution for TEAL allows us to reach customers in real time with a targeted experience based upon individual preferences, visit patterns, and status.
Our mobile-based program can drive brand affinity and retention for FMCG company is packed with promotions, rewards and offers with in-store redemption and closed loop processing of gift vouchers.
Banking and Financial Services:
Our mobile banking solutions enable banks to offer loyalty rewards and dynamic pricing to their best customers who have been banking with the institution for a long period of time. Banking and financial services firms can customize their rewards to customers by using preferential services.