Our location solutions are designed to benefit consumers and enterprise users as well. They provide real-time local data with strict privacy controls for our apps. Anubavam’s end-to-end LBS offerings promotes increased engagement leveraging the location information of end-users.

Mobile apps are built utilizing the GPS location technology. Our deep experience in providing wireless location-based services help businesses improve time to market and reduce costs.  We can easily configure and deploy reliable point-to-point navigation apps customized to specific business needs. Anubavam’s geo-location applications can support all smartphone and tablet devices such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones and more.

The Anubavam end-to-end location-based mobile apps and solutions offer applications for search, fleet tracking, mapping, emergency, and global locators.

Local search
Local database search enables businesses to get connected to the mobile economy. Mobile consumers can search for local content and business location. Mobile apps are optimized for local search using a click-to-call feature on the listing which enables users to interact directly with their choice of business.

Location-based features
Mobile location based services enable users to check-in from any location. The features include uploading photos, messages, comments, chat and more. Navigation apps also provide interactive social experience to users.

Loyalty programs
The main features of location apps revolve around recommendations, influence, and marketing through special offers, rewards, and promotions. Users can check-in to the program and earn points. Loyalty rewards program allows businesses to improve interaction with customers and it results in improving their physical presence.

Web integration
The location based features can be integrated on the web version to enhance the user experience. Locate your friends in a particular location and share content using maps, upload pictures, post comments and connect with social networks.

SMS alerts
Mobile phones can send location aware SMS alerts by geo-fencing different geographical locations surrounding the business. Using the app, SMS alerts are sent to mobile users on offers, coupons and more effective than push notifications.

Mobile apps are customized and integrated with Google Maps to access directions. The app displays information on restaurants, theatres, and other places, activities and events relevant to users and help them stay engaged. Users can connect through social media accounts and share information.

Geo-targeting of a particular location by accessing the local data of potential customers help businesses advertise their products based on the demographics of the region.

Emergency Services
Geo-location information is rapidly becoming critical for safety and emergency services. End-to-end location-based solutions enable mobile devices to determine the location in real-time. Using GPS, to locate patients or accidents will increase responsiveness of rescue teams.