Our comprehensive insurance solution provides enhanced claims experience, employee productivity, reduce claims lifecycle and lower compensations.


  • Line of business-specific data capture fields for First Notice of Loss (FNOL)Scripted, rules-driven workflow to guide intake process
  • Incident definition with multiple involved objects and persons
  • Correspondence generation and tracking


  • Automatic and manual claim assignment based on business rules
  • Claim handler absence and workload managementUser related task management with feedback and delegation
  • Network partners tracking and assignment to claims

Case Management

  • Secure views and access control regulations at data and object levels
  • Insurance claims solution enables tracking of claim payments to claimants and service providers
  • Claim settlement security & authorization-based processing
  • Coinsurance and Reinsurance management

Document Management

  • Insurance solution provides conversion into digital document repository for claim documents and photos
  • Digital signature and marking features
  • Auto document number generation and assignment to link with claims
  • Mobile scanner and portal integration for field agents


  • Insurance solution will be useful for automatic and manual reserve allocation
  • Full audit trail of the reserve history and development
  • Automatic reserve threshold enforcement
  • Multi-currency reserves and payments

Risk Management

  • Insurance claims solution contribute to effective fraud detection tracking from intake data
  • Alerts and indications for fraud detection
  • Risk Management Icons designed to draw attention to key events such as litigation, fatality, possible fraud etc.
  • Escalate Risk alerts to assessors


  • Integrated policy and coverage verification.
  • Fast track claim determination with decision support process.
  • Investigation and fraud detection features.
  • Claimant and claim history review facilities

Cost Containment

  • Payout administration.Multiple payment arrangement creation and tracking.Sums insured and deductible control.ALAE and ULAE management features
  • Vendor and User Management
  • Individual and organization contact management.Identify parties near by claim location.Vendor/provider management.Assignment of multiple roles and relations


  • Customizable Dashboards and Scorecards based on user’s function and role
  • Easily Configurable for additional Roles, KPI and users
  • Industry standard key performance Indicators and  claim metrics to plan and monitor performance efficiency
  • Analysis of each KPIs individually against the targets set

Payments and Recovery

  • Automated handling limit, reserve and authority checking
  • Security levels for access to claims management system by roles, transaction type, line of business, feature type etc.
  • Identifying and tracking recoverable from reinsurers
  • Multiple reserves and payments with follow up of recoveries from subrogation and salvage


  • Pre-defined operational and claims trend Adhoc reporting tool
  • Easy configuration of dashboards and reports to suit the claims management needs of your business unit