Anubavam Hospital Mobile provides patients and prospective customers a healthcare mobile app which works as a handy tool for sharing information such as finding consultants, guidance to the hospital, health and first aid references, and storing of important personal medical data. People can access first aid information in the healthcare mobile with a single tap, providing important guidelines for everything from animal bites to heatstroke.With healthcare mobile app, you can use the department link to look up a consultant, locate their office, and call to ask a question or make an online appointment. 

Our Hospital Mobile app provides a host of benefits including:

  • Secure mobile environment ensuring confidentiality
  • Improve patient management system
  • Effective communication between doctors, nurses and patients
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Improve productivity & quality of service
  • Compliance to regulations
  • Cost reduction & saves lot of time
  • Real-time access of critical clinical data on multiple mobile devices like iOS & Android
  • Access to health and medical records
  • Increase efficiency and automation
  • Appointments with physicians made easy
  • Provide alerts and notifications to patients for consultation
  • Get health tips, diet, fitness, first aid, emergency information anytime-anywhere