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Drupal 8 Beta 1 release: First impressions


Drupal 8 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) application. The latest content management framework supports both front and back-end. With Drupal 8, developing a multilingual website has substantially improved. Drupal developers are looking forward to the first beta release of Drupal version 8.


  • Build custom code that is easily maintainable
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Easy-to-use language support, Site translations and Custom settings


Built-in Web Services

There's work actively going on the content creation page. Open source application for HTML text editing simplifies web content creation. Drupal its makes content as JSON or XML.  Multiple HTTP methods are used depending on the activity - POST for creating, PUT for updating, GET for requesting data, and DELETE for removing it. For caching, frequently requested data can be cached for efficiency and scalability.

Views in Drupal Core

Views will be included as one of Drupal’s new core modules. Views will simply modify Drupal core. The view provides a graphical user interface.

Mobile-first responsive design

The new toolbar makes Drupal development a breeze when rendered on mobile devices. The toolbar works well on multiple devices.  The toolbar is mobile responsive and extensible.

Multilingual Capabilities

When it comes to delivering an online experiene for international audience, Drupal 8 can speak the local language. Create new pages with language-based views filtering and block visibility. This applies to content, including user profile fields, taxonomy term fields, commerce product fields, etc.

Configuration Management

Drupal 8 has built into configuration management at the file-system. Its file system-based configuration management system makes changes such as new content types, fields, or views. The configuration management system data is stored in files, separates it from the site database.

Authoring Enhancements

Drupal 8 brings unprecedented power into the hands of the Content Editor, with CKEditor WYSIWYG editor, which is now bundled with core. Create beautiful pages in the WYSIWYG editor and simplify web content creation.


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