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HTML5 is emerging as the cross-platform mobile development tool for building mobile web applications with different useable runtimes, frameworks and patterns. Anubavam’s evolving HTML5 mobile development strategy is the fastest way to develop pure web apps using cross-platform frameworks that works seamlessly on all smartphones and tablets. Delivered mobile apps purely through HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, our team of HTML5 Mobile developer can empower world-class companies to achieve their business goals and become more productive, responsive and agile.

Cross platform development with HTML5: From Start to Finish

Native experience

Highly animated, full screen, touch-based apps capable of provide a user experience as compelling as native applications.

Offline caching

Enables mobile users to store content locally without needing a database through offline caching capabilities. Mobile users can use the app offline.


Supports geo-location on the browser which enables to track and identify a user's location on the map.

Drag and drop

Implements native drag-and-drop assembly for user interfaces which enables to drag, drop, and transfer data to HTML elements.

Streaming video

Allows embedding video directly in an app and supports streaming videos on mobile devices.

Cross platform apps

Developers can code once and deploy everywhere. HTML5 renders multi-platform technology designed for iOS, Android, and other devices using webkit engine.

Cross browser support
  • Compatible with browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  • Mobile apps developers are moving towards using HTML5 as the preferred development platform.
Custom mobile development
  • Proven mobile capabilities for mobile commerce, banking, business, gaming, entertainment, navigation, multimedia and Healthcare.
  • Cross-platform mobile application development
  • Mobile web development
Mobile SEO
  • Optimizes any website for search engines with micro-data tags and can give content for higher rankings.
  • HTML5 makes indexing web pages more advanced with its search engine algorithms.


Why HTML5 app development
  • Most powerful and feature-rich tools for mobile & web apps development
  • Cost-effective alternative for mobile apps
  • Build Hybrid apps including games, responsive user interfaces, sites
  • Create highly addictive HTML5 games across multiple channels
  • Most popular tools used by many programmers
  • HTML5 App development mitigates App rejection
  • Easy Deployment of HTML apps
Our HTML5 mobile app development services
  • Specialized in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Cross-platform mobile application development
  • Mobile web development
  • Create offline HTML iPhone application
  • Web to mobile apps conversion
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Online shopping cart integration
  • Social media optimization"
Why choose Anubavam
  • Expertise in building rich web apps using HTML5 platform
  • Deliver an uniform user experience across multiple devices to maximize market reach
  • Best performance & native app experience
  • Accelerate mobile app development
  • Reduce time and development costs
  • Flexibility in design
  • Distribute apps freely across Apple Store & Google Play


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