Allows you to call for an emergency room visit, ambulance, physician and first aid. Move rapidly in response to patient demand and provide critical information at the right time, on the fingertips.

Provides information on critical care, rooms, diseases, tests, procedures, drugs, etc. This will make health care safer by giving patients information and tools to manage their own health.

whether you are at home or out on the go, get directions using the map showing hospital location, and also save and customize your locations.

Find out tariffs for room, lab, consultation fees, etc. You can also request appointments from physicians from within the app.

News & Events
Get the latest news updates about events, happenings and achievements from the app. Check out for events 
ranging from women’s health to joint care to weight management.

Contact us
Main hospital number, plus specific numbers for major  departments with map are available. You can customize 
their information for easy of use and memory.