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  • Online Healthcare system
  • Online Healthcare system
  • Online Healthcare system
  • Online Healthcare system

Our client is a leading nonprofit health insurance company providing healthcare needs to 600,000 members and supports 150 nonprofits. They wanted to migrate the entire content from the original JSP-based website to a modern CMS.

Key features:

  • Plan management with different plans for individual, family and employer
  • Compare plans
  • Apply online
  • Automated plan calculator
  • Management of full lifecycle of healthcare plans
  • Advance search for doctors
  • Location-based search
  • Multi-site rendering
  • High security & performance

Key functionality:

Shop for Insurance  
Blue Cross offers medical and dental plans to individuals, families, and employers located in Rhode Island. There are various plan types for every kind of user to choose.

Find best match plan            
Our business intelligence help to find which plan suits and which is best for individuals or family based on some inputs.

Compare plans          
Compare 2 or 3 plans at a time by selecting two plans for every need.

Understand My Insurance  
Dynamic content pages that explains high-quality medical and dental plans, and supporting customers with information, tools, and value-added services.

Learn Insurance Basics       
Learn the basics of health insurance and better prepared to take wise decisions about insurance coverage.

Multilingual Microsite          
They can see all plans with two different languages English and Spanish.

Medicare Microsite  
There are various plans specifically designed for aged people to meet their requirements with standard fonts as per US law .

Plan Advisor for Medicare  
A tool used to find which plan suits best for the individual or family after providing some inputs on medicare

New Apache Solr Search
Advanced search using apache solr, capable of faceted search to search relevant contents from attachments, and lots more

Online application with integration        
Online application form to apply for plans for individuals or the entire family. All the application information are captured and stored in Salesforce with high security.

Ciphercloud shield for Salesforce
Ciphercloud integration strengthens security and protects the salesforce data using, encryption, tokenization and DLP.

Find a doctor
Online tool to find doctors / hospitals nearby based on some inputs like plan type, location (state / zip) and service type.

Configurable notifications from site admin          
Send automatic alerts to site visitors

Kampyle integrated feedback system
Online feedback form integrated into the site so as to learn why users make decisions about the website

Shopping cart
Add, remove or replace existing plans. Purchase plans using the online shopping cart.

Monthly premium calculation         
Automatic calculation of insurance premium based on inputs provided by users.

Get a Quote  
Display the list of plans which suits best for the user based on inputs provided.

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