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Established with the vision of helping resellers and integrators sell "IP Technology Solutions", our client created a distribution model based on selecting a narrow portfolio of new leading products, coupled with a state of the art distribution center and value added services needed for deploying new emerging technology safely and profitably. Our client needed a modern website to reflect their company and Anubavam redesigned their website using Drupal CMS platform. Anubavam provided CMS and SEO solution and redesigned the website to create robust user experiences as well as search-friendly site with high conversion rates. We created the Drupal site that provides a perfect balance between technology-centered design and user-centered design.


  • Crucial technology information
  • Good, catchy URLs
  • Effective information architecture
  • Good labels, formats and placement of text, graphics & multimedia files
  • High quality keywords
  • Contextual links for clear navigation
  • Advanced security
  • Mobile-ready
  • Social media integration
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