The flexibility in Anubavam’s insurance solutions allows you to integrate with any legacy CMS based website and weave those strengths to launch innovative insurance CMS solutions. Our wide range of insurance solutions includes auto, property, casualty, life, and health.

Compare Plans:
Compare 2 or 3 plans at a time and find a simple, non-biased rate comparison which provides more value and greater savings.
Choose the best combination of plans and see costs go down while coverage goes up.

Plan Advisor:
Information about the different types of insurance plans and broad benefits coverage offered for individuals, families, and employers.
Get advice and recommendations online or speak with insurance experts.

Premium Calculators:
Interactive premium and coverage planning calculator estimates the amount required for monthly insurance cover and premium payment available with the carrier.

Get a Quote:
Multiple rate quotes are provided in real-time.
Provide your industry and desired coverage to receive insurance quotes.

Multilingual Site:
Seamless integration of multiple languages with the localized website.
Multilingual content, such as technical documentation, product manuals, reference materials, training and user assistance information.

Provides the ability to focus on specific insurance products like auto insurance or home insurance linked with the main site.
This helps insurance agents to broaden geographical area with additional microsites.

Faceted search for products optimized to the location with city or ZIP codes. Customers can find you instantly with general searches by location and landing them on the page aligned with the search to draw visitors to your website

Find an Agent:
Find agents nearby based on some inputs like plan, location and service type to provide the most comprehensive, suitable and affordable insurance solutions to satisfy your needs.

Send instant alert notifications for immediate and reliable communication with management, employees, clients and other stakeholders to execute complex business strategies, critical feedback or emergencies.

Insurance reporting solution provides an effective and supportive agent handling system. It enables consistent and seamless reporting.
Easy configuration of dashboards and reports to suit the agency needs.

Salesforce Integration:
Connect with customers and carriers using to manage customer relationships and automate business process workflows. Customize salesforce solutions to suit the unique business needs of insurance agencies.

Shopping Cart:
Customers can browse and purchase for products and services in their own time, and add to the shopping cart. Customize shopping cart are provided for insurance products to turbo-charge sales online.