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Building power, agility, and innovation through cloud enablement

We provide a concrete roadmap to transform your organization for a cloud orientation. We provide end-to-end cloud services that allows for a variety of management and monitoring capabilities. Our cloud-based SaaS applications are designed for high performance, security and scalability, and are more resilient and easier to manage. With managed cloud services from Anubavam, IT departments can improve efficiency, lower IT costs, scale IT infrastructure and retain control over their resources.

Our cloud consulting services will help clients to provide a robust roadmap for information architecture, performance, security, cost & integration.Whether it is a legacy application or web application that needs to be converted into a cloud application and become SAAS, or automate your workflows, collect field data or build dashboards, we can help with our existing platform as a service offering.

Our cloud applications are designed for high performance, security and scalability, and are more resilient and easier to manage.Is your company ready for cloud? We provide gap analysis to help clients increase productivity through adoption of cloud-based technology into their IT infrastructure.

Our cloud-based services support delivery, deployment and continuous integration across all phases to achieve application agility, which enables business agility.With managed cloud services from Anubavam, IT departments can improve efficiency, lower IT costs, scale IT infrastructure and retain control over their resources.


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Cloud server management services 2
Workflow Automation Solution 3
Ticket Management Solution 4

Anubavan offers a user-friendly, highly scalable and customizable cloud solution to meet the unique needs of colleges, universities and higher education institutions.

Anubavam - The Trusted Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Platform Features
  • Cloud & Mobile Infrastructure
  • SaaS Self Provisioning
  • On-Premises
  • Cloud Application
  • Mobile Application

Data Management

  • Import & Export Data
  • Automatic Backup & Sync
  • Multilingual Support
  • Content Delivery Network

User Management

  • User Accounts
  • User Groups
  • Advanced Search
  • Directories

Configuration & Customization

  • On-Demand Software
  • Field Manager
  • Menu Builder
  • Simple & Fast Form Builder

Application Security

  • API Security
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Data Security
  • Digital Signature

Notifications & Messaging

  • Meetings & Events Calendar
  • Notifications & Messages
  • Dashboard Reports & Analytics
  • SMS Configuration

Social Collaboration

  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media
  • Activity Wall
  • Chat

We provides comprehensive server management designed for clients across various industries in the world.

Why should you optimize a server?

  • Poor monitoring & maintenance of IT infrastructure to serve complex needs
  • Lack of domain expertise & knowledge
  • Difficulty in managing & troubleshooting operations
  • Applications are not running fast
  • Server load is very low
  • Delays & failures due to business interruptions

How Anubavam helps

  • End-to-end remote infrastructure management services
  • Our remote monitoring and management services ensure high performance,scalability, flexibility and 24X7 availability can effectively realize the full value of your investments.
  • Customizable monitoring services
  • Our cloud and virtualization monitoring services, automation and flexible deployment model is adapted to many specific needs of clients.

Anubavam provides the right workflow automation solution to transform manual, cumbersome, error-prone processes into automated and precision system that take minutes instead of days.

Why automate your business process?

  • Manual workflow is tediuos & frustrating
  • Reduce communication barriers
  • Problems in enforcing accountability
  • Tracking progress is difficult
  • Increased workload while unable to maintain quality
  • Inability to understand the needs of customers & staff

Effect of workflow automation

  • Automated workflows improves efficiency & productivity
  • Better communication & collaboration
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Minimize costs and reduce manual errors
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Establish a clear approval hierarchy
  • Real-time status tracking online & mobile
  • Provide insights through clear reporting
  • Improved customer service

Anubavam's Ticket Management Solution features cutting-edge business tools to automate and streamline customer inquiries and ensure seamless resolution.

Why you need a ticket management system to resolve issues?

  • Email isn’t an efficient way to handle customer inquiries
  • More efficient and convenient than traditional contact form
  • Enable people to report various issues or ask questions
  • Ticketing system is an excellent way to communicate with clients and employees
  • Organize issues as they are reported and Track all fixes made and get notified instantly
  • Keep all issues in a centralized location to provide resolution from start to finish

Features of Cloud-based Ticket Management System

  • Automated Ticketing & Rules Engine
  • Custom Fields
  • Assign & Manage Tickets
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Custom Views & Personalization
  • Advanced Search & Filters
  • Internal Notes & Activity Logs
  • Integration
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Automatic Notifications & Reminders
  • Mobile Help Desk

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