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Top 10 benefits of moving your business & IT infrastructure to the cloud


Today’s enterprises are fast moving to cloud, digital and mobile services. Managing IT infrastructure is expensive and organizations can lose money through business interruptions and equipment failure.  Cloud-powered organizations can reduce costs, improve efficiency and better serve the varied needs of various stakeholders.
What businesses expect from the cloud

Legacy systems are still common in many industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, travel, and the power industry. When legacy hardware become outdated, migrating to cloud technology maximizes the performance of organizations, whether small, medium or large enterprises. Unsurprisingly, organizations are looking for benefits beyond enterprise cloud deployments. Reduction in energy usage, eliminating hardware and software licensing, automatic data backup, and easy upgrades can make effective use of infrastructure for better results.

Here are the 10 proven uses for organizations when they smartly move their IT infrastructure to cloud:

1. Global Presence

Connect to the cloud and store all your data to ensure high availability, security, and access to data by stakeholder at any given time to generate new streams of revenue. Cloud’s economies of scale ensure your data and applications are mirrored in different locations. Redundancy is inherently built into the cloud and brings data protection and security.

2. Efficient Automation, Instant Deployment & Easy Maintenance

When you integrate your complex processes with cloud solutions, you may find you are getting locked as your requirements may change. Institutions may need to move large amount of data into the cloud. Thankfully cloud technologies and solutions are not painful, costly and time-consuming as it was made out to be. It eases the burden, complexity and accelerates the data migration process that also maximizes the product features and functionality. 

Vendors can get the benefit of ease of use, efficient automation, deployment, maintenance, and support services. Get fast updates without downtime, seamless database migration, application enhancements, maintenance, and other real-time support services to meet the unique requirements of the company.

3.   Customizable, Scalable & Flexible

Get started on cloud in no time. Cloud-powered systems are highly customizable, scalable and flexible and when deployed effectively, it brings better infrastructure, resource optimization, automated processes and a lean organization. Customization possibilities and APIs for seamless integration with existing business applications such as Google Apps, Dropbox, PayPal and more. Cloud provides elastic capabilities which allow administrators to manage any amount of concurrent users or resources as they grow. Cloud provides this agility to scale up to meet storage and bandwidth demand overtime.

4. Fast, Powerful Performance & Reliability

Moving your data and infrastructure to the fastest and robust cloud services make everything easy and transparent for organizations. Cloud platform is capable of easily adapting to the changing requirements of businesses of any size or complexity. Tapping into cloud’s elasticity and scalability ensures high performance, even if you’ve got database heavy application. Cloud services can handle concurrent requests from thousands of users and scale quickly to serve your compelling needs.

5. Lower Costs & Optimal Resource Allocation

Cloud integration increases the operational efficiencies of the organization substantially. SaaS applications on the cloud are subscription-based. Avoid spending huge initial software license fees, or hardware. There is significant reduction in data center costs, hiring technical workers and staff workload due to skilful resource allocation which generates more revenue for businesses.

6. Advanced Security

Faster connectivity and access to data by multiple users with seamless security ensures information is protected. Attain additional levels of security such as multiple prebuilt authentication options, access control on mobile devices, identity management, auditing, data security, etc. that could otherwise not be easily afforded for applications hosted on-site due to cost, power, resource, and process constraints.

7. Mobile Apps Support

A huge benefit of moving to the cloud is that it enables the easier use of mobile application. Enterprise-wide deployment of mobile applications will expedite business processes and enable stakeholders to access and track data in real-time across iOS and Android devices whenever or wherever they are.

8. Managed IT Infrastructure

Eliminate on premise IT operations in troubleshooting, backups, updates, and other maintenance tasks. SaaS providers manage all hardware and networking infrastructure.

9. Continuous Delivery

Availability of software is often painful, time-consuming, and risky. Continuous Delivery system can make organizations lean, agile and innovative. Continuous Delivery makes it possible to continuously adapt software very quickly without delay as part of a pipeline on a regular basis when there are changes to business strategy.

10. Avoid the pain of upgrades & business interruption

SaaS providers upgrade the solution and it becomes available for their customers without any on premise operation. All upgrades and fixes are managed and installed to keep your business up and running without user or business interruption.

Get on board with cloud to save your business costs, increase your revenue and send customer satisfaction through the roof.

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Thank you, Ive recently been looking for information about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best Ive found so far.

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