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Mobile consumer engagement for Retail


Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used by people for shopping as it provides easy access to make price comparisons from mobile devices and also saves significant time and money. Consumers are spending more time with retailers using mobile devices than on desktops. Retail mobile app is a rapidly growing channel creating rich curated experiences for users.

Retailers have evolved with high-tech consumers in rolling out snazzy mobile websites and mobile apps. Consumers download mobile apps frequently as any other app on their smartphone. There is more variety, better prices and it’s just easier for consumers to shop from iPhone or Android. Retail websites garner the highest traffic from mobile-only visitors. According to ComScore, 156 million U.S. consumers own smartphones, a number increasing by 24% annually, and 82 million own tablets, growing by 57% annually.

Mobile apps drive sales for retailers, whether large or a small one. It gives mobile presence to retailers and drives mobile engagement for consumers. They are not only using mobile apps for shopping, but also for coupons and promotions, search for gifts and compare prices.  The interesting thing is retailers are responding to the seismic shift to mobility with new mobile apps to engage shoppers with coupons and gifts.

Loyalty programs serve as catalysts to address the ever-increasing demands of consumers and meet the pressures of heightened competition. Retailers are moving forward to adopt the latest technology trends using feature-rich retail solutions such as Mobile Payments, EMV chips, Analytics and Reporting, Near-Field Communication (NFC), Geo-fencing, and more.  

Retailers have created innovative mobile features to improve the in-store shopping experience for consumers. Retailers will grow faster as they expect half of the sales will be transacted using mobile devices within the next two years. Retail mobile apps deliver a seamless consumer journey creating a truly holistic experience.

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