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Mobile & Cloud-based Education solutions for Schools, Colleges & Universities


Cloud computing is the latest buzz in educational institutions, delivering to millions of learners around the globe. Cloud-based apps are secure, reliable and economical, and all the documents and content are always safe and accessible in the cloud. It simplifies and streamlines the educational system with automated processes and drastically reduces IT costs.

Cloud applications and solutions for Education transform the learning and teaching experience. This is an innovative educational technology solution designed to provide richer learning and teaching opportunities and boosts productivity. designed to The apps can be used to perform a wide range of activities of Schools, Colleges and Universities including Admission, Enrollment, Student information, Attendance, Assignment, Report Card, Timetable, Library, Payroll, Reports, Email, Messaging and more.

Using the cloud infrastructure, students, teachers and administrators can easily interact and share information, bringing new educational opportunities to the classroom. Cloud services provide effective teaching, efficient administration and deliver rich multimedia learning experience to students via music, documents, eBooks, applications, photos, and many more.

Teachers can post assignments and students can access these assignments, lessons, and other materials from any device including smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, Android, and others. Cloud-based applications for education provide a new way for learning and prepare students to become skilled professionals. Cloud-based solution can be customized, and scaled to meet the goals of students, teachers, and management. Mobile apps and solutions for universities and educational institutions make it easier for educators, students and parents to effectively communicate and collaborate to provide better results.


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