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Mobile apps for insurance promotes customer self-service


Mobile devices are becoming increasingly critical for insurance and they enable easy access to consumers. Mobile insurance app is a game-changer which empowers customers to be more self-serving and self-reliant rather than depending heavily on agents. Insurance industry is faced with new challenges and the latest mobile technology helps insurance companies, agents and customers to be more efficient, productive and cost-effective.

Insurance apps encourages self-service and leverages smartphone technology for product launches, bill payments, account management, process claims, loans very quickly and saves time and money. It helps insurance companies to improve customer relationship and engagement and build long-term relationship.

Claimants can report accidents and call Emergency Help, upload pictures that are relevant for the claims process leveraging the smartphones’ camera, microphone, GPS, accelerometer, contacts and other hardware features necessary to capture accident scene pinpointing the accurate location information. Agents can stay connected with insurance companies on the move, make transactions easy, provide better customer service and increase sales revenue. Customers can now receive instant notifications and alerts on policy information.

Smartphones are utilized in case of catastrophes such as hurricane, tsunami or other natural / man-made disasters which provides real-time updates on the movement of the hurricane and also assist rescue teams to find missing persons in the scene of disaster.

Insurance companies are facing stiff competition to acquire customer loyalty. Mobile apps and solutions for insurance will bring short and long term benefits to most insurance businesses. Insurance mobile apps have acquired self-service capabilities which will significantly reduce cost, streamline claim process and improve workflow to increase productivity.


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