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Mobile app for dairy farms helps to prevent cattle diseases and protects animal health


Farmers enjoy doing the physical aspect of farming, but not always the other operations around farming. Mobile technology makes it easier to help them make informed decisions. Mobile technology is adopted in dairy farms to help farmers manage their farms, inventory, contracts, staff, events and diets to the herds. Mobile app provides critical information to dairy farmers which can be accessed on smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones and other devices. Mobile app acts as a virtual farm manager and makes the lives of farmers much easier as they are hit by weather issues and price volatility. Mobile app developer can customize the app for farmers based on current market conditions.

With mobile apps for dairy farms, financial planning for commodities becomes easier for farmers. Farmers can calculate the cost of feeds and compare the prices of grains and commodities with the State feed price list. They can share price information with other farmers and this eventually helps them to get better prices for their feeds. Farmers can optimize the level of production and improve their profitability. Location-aware mobile device helps farmers to map out ways to find prices, weather, and lands across different locations for long-term planning.

Dairy cattle are susceptible to metabolic stress and development of various diseases. Mobile app helps dairy farms to prevent cattle diseases and protects the health of animals. Using the latest technology tools, the health of the animals can be monitored and the risk of diseases on daily herds is detected accurately.

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