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Location-based apps will create critical mass for enterprise adoption

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Location-based mobile apps have transformed the way people communicate on the go. They are used to get geographical information of the respondent using smartphones and tablets.  Mobile devices have geolocation capabilities which are frequently used to identify the physical location and share the information with friends using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile SMS

Geolocation-enabled services offer benefits such as messaging, GPS navigation, location-based deals and coupons, check-ins and more which are used for mobile marketing campaigns using smartphones. Mobile analytics lets businesses to compare competitions at check-ins.


The location-based features on apps and services can be disabled by users at any point of time. Location-based apps promote social interaction when people checks in to the places they visit and let others know about their location and if they are close to their neighborhood, they may join friends.

Best practices

Location-based apps benefit both consumers and enterprises to share information in real-time and reach out to customers. Location-based information can be used from a smartphone and can leverage third party sources as well as user-generated public and private feeds.

Using geo-fencing, the location-based apps can be filtered to display content which are relevant to them and store the location on the phone and share with people. Be sure to use alerts in the mobile app for events, and make the most of the opportunities offered. Location-based applications are used for travel, real estate, automobile, restaurants, medical, etc. and optimize for search engines using tags.

Mobile devices let users know that the geolocation information is shared when you use them to find deals, rewards and special offers close to your business location. Mobile users can add any location and use Twitter to know what people are tweeting, optimizing the location services.  

Location based applications for business

Location based applications has provided tools and flexibility for enterprises to reach out to customers and workforce, and are not restricted to any specific industry… rather countless from real estate to automobile and beyond. Location tracking devices are used to track the location of others and are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones and Symbian. Here are some examples of location based services:

  • Restaurants
  • Automobile
  • GPS navigation
  • Real Estate
  • Higher education
  • Airlines
  • Maps
  • Push notifications
  • Mobile advertising
  • Events
  • Games
  • Local search
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