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Sivakumar Veerappan

Eleven things you need be aware before migrating to Drupal 8

migrating to Drupal 8

If you are already on Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site, your upgrade to Drupal 8 is relatively painless with good backups and the right approach. It is better to build an upgrade path to be more mobile-friendly, great multilingual abilities, better markup and an enhanced UI experience rather than trying to correct all the errors in the old Drupal site.

There are several factors involved before you can migrate your old content to enhance the functionality and user experience in the target system. But, you can do some in-house work on the process, technology and costs and prepare your team for the migration, making it hassle-free.

Here are the 11 things to keep in mind before migrating to Drupal 8:

  1. Drupal 8 is a big change compared to how you have been programming so far as Drupal 8 follows Object Oriented and MVC patterns.
  2. You need to learn a new PHP framework called “ Symfony.”
  3. New template engine “Twig” has been introduced and PHP engine is no longer in use.
  4. You can only migrate the content from older version the modules, themes, views and so on needs to be re-created.
  5. Your cool blog content can be migrated, but not themes, views and blocks.
  6. All your custom modules will have to be reworked according to Symfony rules and Drupal 8 standards.
  7. Many modules don’t support Drupal 8 yet. So you may have to find alternative or recreate them yourselves.  
  8. Folder structure must be followed according to MVC standards.  
  9. Several widely used Hooks methods are deprecated.  Drupal 8 employs routing method instead.
  10. file no longer exists. Drupal 8 uses  “.yml” files instead.
  11. You need to use new versions of PHP at least 5.6.

I know, these are all a lot of things, but this is what it takes to do it right. You shouldn't take the risk to do it yourself if you are not a Drupal developer. If you have any experience with migrating or upgrading to Drupal 8 please feel free to share your thoughts on the new process.

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