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Drupal for social media presence

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Social media is today’s hottest trend that is transforming millions of lives all over the world. Social media is everywhere. Social media has a significant impact our social, online and mobile experience. The immense popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Foursquare are changing the ways we communicate with the large audience. Businesses have adopted social media to reach out to customers and promote their brand.  Drupal has an array of social media modules and plugins that improve its social media presence. Drupal enables business site owners to interact with their clients at the highest level and brings high quality traffic to the website. Here are some fantastic tricks that can turn Drupal into a social media phenomenon with better fan following:

Blogs:  A blog will allow social activity and will act as a source of creativity, innovation and ideas on your site.

Social commenting: Website users can post comments on the blog and spark discussions to boost your site.

Social login: Users can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and more.

Social sharing: Social media is about sharing content with several people and encourages social seeding. Readers can share, bookmark and email articles and web pages using Facebook, Twitter and social bookmarking sites.     

Mobile: Drupal can be optimized with social networking features with the ability to provide responsive mobile support. Drupal developers can integrate advanced social networking features with mobile content delivery and localization, in real-time, to target customers.

Facebook: This is the top notch social media platform that is accessed by over a billion users everyday. Drupal helps you to integrate Facebook plugins to the website and add the ‘Like’ button to the content.

Twitter: Drupal allows you to add a Twitter button to your site with the ability to share content in a great way.

Activity Stream: It creates a live stream of social activities on Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon, etc. in one place making it a great tool for community sites.

Social Bookmarking: Integrating social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, and many other sites into Drupal allows users to share content on the website in a simple and easy way. Your reach is worldwide.         


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