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5 things you should know about Drupal 8 Mobile initiatives

Drupal 8

At DrupalCon Chicago, while delivering the keynote speech Dries Buytaert said: “If I were to start Drupal from scratch today, I'd build it for mobile experiences first, and desktop experience second.” He believed in it and took the big initiative to build a mobile-friendly CMS. Today most of the mobile features are implemented in Drupal 8. Here different mobile initiatives in Drupal 8 development are outlined:  

1.  Mobile responsive themes

Drupal 8 is built with responsive design with the ability to respond and adjust to multiple screen sizes and browsers. Now there are so many unconventional devices, which has to be kept in mind and designs need to be supportive. So, like Dries visioned it all Drupal 8 themes are built primarily for mobile experience and then desktop.

2. Administrative forms

Mobile-friendly admin toolbar in Drupal 8 stands out. The mobile administrative solution allows users to easily create tasks on mobile devices. The admin toolbar provides the ability to toggle from horizontal to vertical on the screen based on the orientation.

3. Breakpoints

Drupal 8 is built with Breakpoints which will be very useful for the front end developers. Breakpoints are different widths or break points in which the layout and functionality changes.

4. CSS standards

Improving CSS coding standards was the next big thing planned for Drupal 8. It follows SMACSS-style categorization of CSS rules making it more scalable and flexible.

5. Front end performance

The transition from Drupal to Mobile is challenging for front end developers. Front end performance is always business-critical for websites With mobile-first approach, Drupal 8 is built for high performance on all smartphones and tablets. Drupal 8 provides support for HTML5, Javascript and responsive design and optimized for mobile devices to enhance front end performance.

The pace of Drupal 8 development is brisk and the process is nearing completion. It will be a huge step into the mobile world, which has been keenly awaited.


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